What is Central Texas Muscle Cars (TMC1)?

Central Texas Muscle Cars Inc. (TMC1) was established on August 24, 2015 in Central Texas. Our goal is to have a car club Modern Mopar/LX Platform Cars.  We believe in family first, therefore we are a family oriented club. Our focus is to have fun by going on cruises, having picnics and having mod based on club needs. Our motto is “Moving Forward”.When Applying To Become a TMC1  Associate Member, during the probationary period, you are required to undergo a required amount of gatherings. This will give all members and associate members time to assess the individuals dedication, personality and vehicle. All probationary members are required to attend all meetings and club functions during the probation period. It is important that we uphold this rule to get to know the prospective member. Following the probationary period, TMC1  will conduct a formal vote to be held during a mandatory monthly meeting. All potential memberships are subject to the majority rule of the President and Vice President’s.    All club members are required to abide by state, county and city motor vehicle rules and regulations. Abuse of the rule by a member is subject to their membership reevaluation.  No member will have possession of alcohol, drugs, firearms of any illegal items at club functions.  No member should use profane language, gestures, insults or misbehavior towards any club member or guest during any club function or gathering.  Termination of membership will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  Should a member be terminated, they must remove any association with Texas Muscle Cars (TMC1) on their vehicle, email and forum signatures or website is applicable.

What kinds of vehicles are allowed in the club?

Membership in TMC1 is FREE and open to owners at least 21 years of age and own one of the following vehicles: (1995 to Current)Chrysler 300 Dodge Charger Dodge Magnum Dodge Challenger, Jeep SRT.  My car is stock, can I still be in the club?Whether you are all stock, all custom, all show, all go, or like most of us, somewhere in between, we invite you to join this community of Mopar car owners. TMC1 is more than a car club, we are a family of enthusiasts.Where can I find information about what’s happening? We do our best to provide various platforms where members can get information. In addition to our regular email or website:Website: Email: While there are many ways to interact with the TMC1 community, the primary focus on new information is on the TMC1 website. Spontaneous “get togethers” GTG as well as annual events planned months in advance can all be found on the TMC1 website. Does TMC1 have a forum or message board where I can connect with other members? Yes. What about other online forums, can I still be a member of those?Absolutely! We encourage you to participate in the various online forums.

What makes TMC1 different from other car clubs?

TMC1 is different for this one reason…the people. We have the most diverse group of members you’ll see anywhere. Young, old, male, female, singles, couples,families, the list goes on.  Youcar may bring you to our Meet & Greet but what keeps you coming back is the relationships you make with other members. It’s that personal connection that so many members find unique about TMC1. What happens at your meetings and can I bring my family?Events are always family friendly and we encourage you to bring them along. We always strive to make TMC1 vents safe and fun. There are some basic rules in place to try to ensure safety at TMC1 events. Club events and social gatherings shall be selected and scheduled by the Founders. All club events/outings and social gatherings will be open to all spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, families and significant others. All club members their guests are expected to act in an appropriate manner at all times when representing Central Texas Muscle Cars TMC1 at all club functions/events. All event attendees represent TMC1 and are asked to act accordance with our Code of Conduct.

What other kind of events does TMC1 have?

TMC1 events range from car shows, mod meets, cruises, meet and eats, charity events.Visit the events page of our website ( to get information about upcoming events.

Are there any other clubs in Texas?

There are similar car clubs in Texas. TMC1 has a close relationship with these other Texas based car clubs. We even try to attend events that other clubs hold, and they are always welcome at TMC1 events:

DFWLX – Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Space City LX – Houston Area

Alamo City LX – San Antonio Area

How much are the dues to join TMC1?

The club has been dues-free from inception. We want as many owners to participate as possible. The club is supported by member donations as we don’t have sponsors and do not accept any advertising.

There are so many people at the TMC1 Meet and Greet, how can I learn Everyone name and what they drive?

This is a challenge. We ask that at members wear a name badge at each Meet and Greet. This is really so we, the club staff, can learn everyone’s name. Name badges and lanyards
are provided to members, free of charge. Be sure to have your photo taken for the gallery. We have an online member gallery on the website with pictures of members and their cars along with their name. Stop by the Info Table at the next monthly Meet and Greet and introduce yourself to the Club Staff and Welcome Team. This is a great way to start learning people’s names, while allowing them to get to know you as well.I see everyone wearing TMC apparel and have stickers on their cars.

How do I get some gear?

TMC1 gear information is available at our Central Meet and Greet. Come to the Info Table at our meets for more information.

I want to help TMC1 continue to grow, where do I go to volunteer or help support TMC1?

Interesting in volunteering? When you fill out an event RSVP, you can indicate in what area you would like to help. If you are at an event, just let the Club Staff at the Info Table know you are available to help. We are proud to say that TMC1 is supported by members for members.