The following are strictly prohibited!

1. Loud music.

2. High/Excessive revving of your engine.

3. Dangerous, reckless driving during a club event, on public roads, parking lots, or fields. This includes excessive speeding, burnouts (unless a specified event) donuts, etc.

4. Recklessdriving.

5. Behaviors that can be deemed obscene.

6. Excessive speed when traveling in a caravan group.

7. Any activity near a member’s vehicle that could cause damage.

8. Leaving your children unattended.

9. Fighting (physically or verbally) with a fellow member or anyone else during events.

10. Engaging in a verbal argument with a sponsor. A committee member will handle any sponsor problems.

11. Stealing, damaging someone’s property, vandalism, and destruction of private property, etc.

12. Extremely rude public behavior.

13. Illegal substance usage or sales.

14. Discrimination of other club members or belittling them (Remember not everyone can afford or wishes to upgrade or dress up their car the same as you).

All event attendees who represent Central Texas Muscle Cars Inc (TMC1) and are asked to adhere to the following guidelines. These guidelines are in place to maintain the reputation of TMC1 as a club that respects our surroundings and our members conduct themselves in a professional manner.

As a member of this club, we ask that you help the entire Club Staff enforce these rules and any other local host event guidelines.